The Beginning of the Day of the Lord (Rapture) versus the End of the Day of the Lord (Second Coming)

One major difficulty encountered in End Times Prophecy Models is distinguishing between the BEGINNING of the Day of the Lord and the END of the Day of the Lord.  There are also characteristics during, or throughout, the Day of the Lord.

An important distinction is that at the BEGINNING of the day of the Lord (Seal 6), John clearly points out that everyone on earth is in fear and hiding from the Lamb and from Him who sits on the Throne.  This is in stark contrast to the END of the day of the Lord (Armageddon), where the armies of the earth are specifically gathered in rebellion, anticipating Christ’s return.

Douglas Berner has done a fantastic job of ferreting out the differences and similarities in his book “When God Intervenes” (I can’t recommend it highly enough!).  I will go through some of what he presents:

SIMILARITIES between the Beginning and Ending of the Day of the Lord:

  • There are signs in the heavens (dark sun, stars fall)
  • Heaven split open as a scroll
  • Sacrificial feast for birds (and beasts at beginning)
  • Global earthquake and global catastrophe  (greatest earthquake ever at end)
  • God’s wrath is unleashed/outpoured
  • Called the “Great and Terrible Day of the Lord”
  • Major war (Gog & Magog at beginning; Armageddon at end)
  • Worldwide destruction and chaos
  • Great Hailstorm
  • Fire and Brimstone
  • Blood
  • Voices, Thunders, Lightnings
  • Temple will be Rebuilt (Third Temple at beginning, in Jerusalem; Messianic Temple at ending, in Shiloh possibly)

DIFFERENCES between the Beginning and Ending of the Day of the Lord:

  • Beginning – blood red moon; Ending – completely darkened moon
  • Beginning – heavens not shaken; Ending – heavens shaken
  • Beginning – Islands and mountains moved from their places; Ending – Islands and mountains cease to exist
  • Beginning – sudden destruction; Ending – destruction does not come suddenly
  • Beginning – people hide underground; Ending – no hiding underground
  • Parousia – Beginning – Christ appears in the air – Rapture of the church, may not be observed by those on earth; Ending – Christ appears on earth – Sign of the Son of Man (Shechinah Glory) in the sky, visible to all on the darkened earth
  • Beginning – Saints taken to be with Christ; Ending – Saints return with Christ
  • Christ’s judgment – Beginning – Bema Seat Judgment of the raptured church, rewards granted; Ending – Nations judged for treatment of Israel, sheep and goats judgment
  • Beginning – Israel slandering God’s name; Ending – Israel calling on the Name of the Lord
  • Beginning – Birth pangs begin; Ending – Birth pangs end, Israel is delivered/redeemed
  • Beginning – Seven Seal judgments initiated by Christ; Ending – 6th and 7th Bowl Judgments of the Wrath of God initiated by angels
  • Beginning – War of Gog and Magog; Ending – War of Armageddon
  • Beginning – partial spiritual revival of Israel; Ending – Full spiritual rebirth of Israel
  • Beginning – rise of False Messiah; Ending – Revelation of Jesus as King of Kings
  • Beginning – partial regathering of Jews to Israel & Jerusalem; Ending – full supernatural regathering of ALL Jews to Israel
  • Beginning – Antichrist rides on a white horse; Ending – Jesus rides on a white horse
  • Beginning – Valley of Hamon-gog; Ending – Valley of Johoshaphat / Decision
  • Beginning – Introduces False Age of Peace; Ending – Introduces True Messianic Kingdom
  • Beginning – no unified global government; Ending – global government unified under satan, antichrist, false prophet, and 10 kings
  • Beginning – Some nations invade Israel (Gog and Magog coalition); Ending – All nations invade Israel (Armageddon)
  • Beginning – sword of war (seal 2) removes peace from Earth; Ending – sword from the mouth of Christ brings peace to Earth
  • Beginning – no winepress of wrath; Ending – winepress is full, Christ treads the winepress of God’s wrath
  • Beginning – 1/4 population killed; Ending – all armies killed
  • Beginning – some soldiers spared and flee; Ending – none allowed to flee, none spared
  • Beginning – forces of Gog and Magog buried in mass grave; Ending – the slain not buried (Isaiah 66 suggests we will be able to look at them during the Millennial Kingdom)
  • Beginning – Gog buried in mass grave with his troops; Ending – Destruction of Antichrist and False Prophet – not buried but cast in to Lake of Fire
  • Beginning – Israel buries the dead for 7 months; Ending – slain not buried
  • Beginning – Israel burns weapons for 7 years; Ending – weapons turned into agricultural tools
  • Beginning – Jerusalem not destroyed; Ending – Jerusalem divided by greatest earthquake into 3 parts, Mount of Olives split in two
  • Beginning – Israel returns to the God of Abraham & the Law of Moses (old covenant); Ending – Israel reconciled to Jesus in the New Covenant





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